Judy Flam

Judy Flam is a retail consultant with over 30 years experience in museum retailing. As a partner in MarketPlace Associates, she consults with cultural institutions nationwide, performing store evaluations, feasibility studies, business plans, product development, merchandise sourcing, management support, personnel recruitment and visual merchandising. Before establishing MarketPlace Associates, Judy was the Director of Retail Operations at the Children’s Museum in Boston, MA for 12 years.

Judy Flam's email address is jflam@marketplaceassociates.com.

Arch Horst

Arch Horst is a partner in MarketPlace Associates and president of Black River Architects in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He works in tandem with Judy on store evaluations, feasibility studies and business plans as well as being the design partner at Black River Architects for all retail projects. His firm has been designing retail environments for over 30 years.

Arch Horst's email address is ahorst@marketplaceassociates.com.

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